Interview: Robb Wells, Mike Smith, John Paul Tremblay talk "Swearnet" and "The Trailer Park Boys"

Photo Credit: © 2014 - Swearnet
September 19th, 2014

If you are one of the millions who subscribe to streaming Netflix and you haven’t sat down and watched the Trailer Park Boys then you are wasting your time and money. It is hands down the funniest show I’ve ever seen, and It never loses it’s flavor. The guys that do this show are brilliant comedians and they have just released three new pieces including: “Trailer Park Boys” season 8, “Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It”, and “Swearnet: The Movie”. “Swearnet” is a break from their TPB stuff and it is just as amazing as you would expect. I had the unbelievable privilege of talking with Rob Wells, Mike Smith, and John Paul Tremblay who told me all about the reasons behind making this film.

Nick Leyland from The Movie Network: First off, I just wanna say that I'm a huge fan of you guys. I've loved all your stuff and when I got the opportunity to watch these films I was really, really excited. I've seen all the Trailer Park Boys stuff and I love this new film “Swearnet”, which came out on the 12th. And I honestly think it might be one of the funniest movies I've seen in my entire life. [chuckle]

Robb Wells: Alright, that's awesome, man. Right on.

TMN: What sparked the project because it's so much different than what you guys did, you got the new movie coming out too, you got the Don't Legalize It and you got Season 8 which I haven't seen yet. I have seen Don't Legalize It, but I haven't seen Season 8 which I'm excited for. So what sparked doing this?

Robb Wells: We didn't actually write Don't Legalize It. At that time we didn't own Trailer Park Boys, the producers owned it, so we wanted to do something else, they didn't want to do any more Trailer Park Boys. So we just decided to do some new stuff, we did a Series called The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour and then we decided to focus our attention on SwearNet, but now that we have the rights back, we're doing more Trailer Park Boys.

TMN: Oh, is that what happened?

Robb Wells: Yeah, we had to do the third movie in order to get the rights back for the deal.

TMN: How much fun did you guys had making this because it look like it was a blast?

TMN: It was good, really good.

John Paul Tremblay: A riot.

TMN: Yeah, well you know I've always wondered how much you guys improvise in your work, because I know that you Robb, Mike and John Paul wrote it, some of the stuff is too genius to come up with on the fly and some of the stuff is way too unbelievable to be anything other than in the moment. So how much do you guys improvise while doing it?

Robb Wells: With the movie, not as much as we would with Trailer Park Boys was I guess. I mean everything's fully scripted and when we do improvise it's usually just based on the script. That's when we got a couple of good takes on camera we’ll mess around.

TMN: Yeah, it seems so unbelievable to me. [laughter] This movie is so funny and I love Pat's character. I hope he got paid more than everybody else in the film.


Robb Wells: Definitely took one for the team.

TMN: Showing you junk can't be the easiest thing to read in the script, you know.


Robb Wells: Yeah.


Robb Wells: There may or may not have been a stunt penis involved.


TMN: How bad of a beating did he take in the film?

Robb Wells: Yes, I mean a lot of it is movie magic but he definitely took a bunch of hits for the team for sure.

TMN: You know Mike (Smith), Bubbles is one of the best characters on TV no doubt. Is this film more of a realization of who Mike Smith really is?

Mike Smith: Yeah, I think so. There's definitely elements of my SwearNet character that are actually me. I do tend to party a bit more than the average bear, I guess.


Mike Smith: There's parts that definitely aren't like me. I don't ja%#^*&$ old men.


TMN: Well, I appreciate getting to see more of you behind the glasses, I guess.

Mike Smith: You know I love playing Bubbles obviously but it's fun to play other characters, too.

TMN: Now, Robb, nice work on getting to work with the girls in this film, Mishael Morgan, especially.

Robb Wells: That was great, it was fun.

TMN: Now, your humor is one of a kind. It's so well timed it's insane and you have my favorite line in the film, how do you not out bust laughing yourself on every take?


Robb Wells: There's times when we all make each other laugh but for the most part I guess we know each other so well now that we can sort of keep together most of the time.

Mike Smith: I'm the first. I ruin the most takes 'cause I laugh all the time.


TMN: I couldn’t be within like half a mile of you guys' filming, you'll hear me laughing the entire time.


Robb Wells: What was your favorite line?

TMN: My favorite line was "F%$^ my dic&&^%* with a pencil eraser." [laughter]

Robb Wells: Oh, okay. That's a weird one.


TMN: I don't know why I fell out of my chair laughing so hard I couldn't take it.

Mike Smith: Yeah, there's a good exchange there. It's funny.

TMN: And John Paul, you always play the pretty serious guy. What's it like being somewhat the voice of reason for these other characters?

John Paul Tremblay: Kind of f#&%^* up. [laughter] I like to get her going as well, but I mean it's fun playing the serious character. I can set up a lot of jokes, I guess.

TMN: Now, one thing I wanna know, there's so many good scenes in this film, how was it possible to keep coming up with all the crazy stuff? What's your guys' creative process?


Mike Smith: We spend a lot of time, like before we ever start writing, we spend a lot of time brainstorming just coming up with the most f#$%#$ up situations we can sort of think of, and then, you know, as you throw all that s%$^ down, you start sort of, weaving a story out of it.

John Paul Tremblay: We also came up with most of our ideas for this movie while on tour. We do a live show. We've got three different live shows that we do as Trailer Park Boys and for the past seven years we've been touring all over the world. And we get to spend a lot of time with each other and usually we're getting drunk and f^%&$% up and we'll always be taking notes down in our phone.

TMN: I watched you once from Ireland, it was great.

John Paul Tremblay: Yeah. That was a good time. The Irish seem to love Trailer Park Boys.

TMN: I think the world is definitely huge Trailer Park fans, I feel like.

Mike Smith: Getting there. Getting there, yeah.

TMN: Yeah. Do you guys have like free rein in Canada to film and do whatever you want? Is that what this kind of film is about, censorship?

Robb Wells: You would think we would at this point, but absolutely not. And that's why we kind of did the movie and we're starting our own website,

TMN: Oh, it's actually being started?

Robb Wells: Yeah.

Mike Smith: Yeah. is a real thing.

TMN: I didn't know that.

Mike Smith: Very much like it was in the movie and it's in its infancy, but we're working on it. We're putting Trailer Park Boys s$#% that happens in between the seasons on Netflix like so if you watch season eight on Netflix, you'll be able to go to “SwearNet” and watch the eight and a half stuff up until season nine gets released. So, we're trying to make it a real all-swearing network.

TMN: That's awesome. Do you have to sign up and pay for it like members do, or like in the movie?

Mike Smith: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

TMN: Oh, sweet, dude. I'm all aboard, man. You got me.

Mike Smith: Yeah. There's a free site there, much like a porn site, where you can see a little bit of s%$# and then...


John Paul Tremblay: We also do have like the real f$%#^%& reality show on SwearNet where it shows the three of us as ourselves trying to get this network f%^$#&% going, like our day-to-day activities in the studio.

Mike Smith: It's just fun little s%^$& like that on it right now, real f%^$#@$ reality show. We do a segment called Mail Bag where people send us s%^$ and we just get f^%&$%# up and open it, which is fun.


Mike Smith: Just some s#$%@ like that, like stuff that we could shoot easily, but we just acquired a building in Halifax, like a building to put studios in. So, we're gonna take a real run at it and really try to build it into something unique and cool as f%$#.

TMN: How much is it gonna cost a member per month?

Mike Smith: Like four bucks.

TMN: That's so awesome. So then, it's just gonna be on that? It's not gonna be on Netflix or anything like that?

Mike Smith: No. That's just our site, yeah. And we're actually in our new building right now and one of the parts of the meeting we were having all day is working out a schedule to start shooting more content and coming up with f$%#@$ up little shows that we can make to grow this thing.

TMN: So, I can send stuff in to you guys in the mail segment?

Mike Smith: Yep.

TMN: Oh, awesome.

Robb Wells: Yep.

John Paul Tremblay: Damn right.


TMN: Now, one thing I wanna know, does season eight pick up where Don't Legalize It left off or no?

Mike Smith: No. They're kind of independent of each other. We had to do the movie as a contractual obligation in order to buy the brand.

John Paul Tremblay: But we didn't have anything to do with the writing of this movie.

TMN: Oh, I see. But you guys did write season eight, right?

Robb Wells: Oh, yeah.

Mike Smith: Yeah, and season nine is in the can and will be on Netflix sometime in the spring.

Robb Wells: Probably around March.

John Paul Tremblay: For season nine we brought in Jonathan Torrens, J-Roc, as one of our writers for that season.

TMN: You know, I'm a little mad at you guys because you've basically ruined me for other comedy, I'm not even joking, because nothing is ever as funny as your guys' stuff. What films and shows do you guys find funny?

Mike Smith: Oh God! It's pretty wide, pretty wide berth of stuff. I mean Monty Python.

John Paul Tremblay: Mr. Show.

Mike Smith: Like even The Goons.Yeah, Mr. Show was a big one. A British show called A League of Gentlemen was a big one.

Robb Wells: Mighty Boosh.

Mike Smith: Yeah, Noel Fielding, as a new show called Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy, which I think is the best show being made right now that's completely and utterly f$#%^&% insane.

TMN: So, you guys are into tons of stuff, huh?

Mike Smith: Yeah.

TMN: Well, I really appreciate your guys' humor, man. I really think the Trailer Park Boys stuff is amazing and I like how “Swearnet” is almost like an honest story.

Mike Smith: Yeah, there's a lot of f#$%#$^ truth behind it for sure.

TMN: Well, hey man, I really appreciate you guys talking with me. This has been such a great pleasure. I'm such a fan of your guys' stuff.

Mike Smith: Thank you.

Robb Wells: Yeah, thank you, man.

John Paul Tremblay: Thanks for doing it. Thanks for the support.

TMN: Hopefully, I'll get to talk to you guys again in the future and I will definitely sign up for SwearNet and everything because I love all your guys' stuff.

The Trailer Park Boys: Thank you. Thanks so much.