‘Scream’ S2: E11 ‘Heavenly Creatures’ Review

Photo Credit: MTV

After the death in last week’s episode, Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) and Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) become the prime suspects as the killer makes sure to leave evidence implicating them. Noah (John Karna) decides to bring his podcast to an end in the wake of the latest tragedy, but someone tries to convince him otherwise.


**Spoiler Alert**

This review contains spoilers for S2E11 of Scream. If you haven’t yet watched the episode, read at your own risk.


The Good

The opening. We don’t typically see opening sequences from the point of view of the killer. What we usually get from the show is the point of view of a victim, so seeing someone break into Emma’s home and into her room while she’s sleeping is extra creepy for this show. It ratchets up the tension immediately for the episode.

Noah wants to give up. Okay, I don’t want Noah to give up his mystery pursuing ways or his love of movies, but I get it. I think this is the best emotional response the writers could give him. Zoe told him that he didn’t want to deal with his feelings and that’s why he dove headfirst into slasher films and murder mysteries. He wants to deal with her loss, not avoid it. On the one hand, it’s heartbreaking that it takes Zoe dying for him to want to deal with his feelings. On the other hand, it’s going to be great to watch John Karna from here on out, even more than it was before.

Stavo draws Noah a comic. I have found Stavo alternately creepy and an easy target as the show has gone on, but I love his gesture for Noah. He’s the one who gets through to Noah that he can’t just put the brakes on his whole personality. How? By creating a comic starring Noah. That might be one of the sweetest gestures I’ve ever seen for someone who has been suspected as a killer pretty much since he was introduced on the show. Stavo really does speak through his art.

The killer makes a bold move. As Noah prepares to upload his podcast in remembrance of Zoe, detailing his plans to go on in her name, his laptop is hacked and an alternate broadcast is uploaded. Of course, we know immediately, no matter how much Noah hopes it’s a superfan, that it’s the killer. They’ve ingeniously cut together video footage of Emma and Audrey along with the recording of Audrey admitting her involvement with Piper and snippets from Emma’s dream journal. It makes both girls look incredibly guilty to anyone who doesn’t already know they’re victims. The best reaction to the broadcast comes courtesy of Brooke, who watches in horror as Audrey removes a message from Jake’s dead body, revealing she knew he was dead all along, something Brooke didn’t know since she’s been more isolated since his death. She’s probably feeling the same sense of betrayal Emma was feeling a couple of episodes ago.

Emma and Audrey get framed. In one of the most tension-filled sequences the show has done this season, Emma and Audrey find a room in the pig farm where someone, likely the killer, has been living. At the same time, the mayor is being taunted, and stabbed, by the killer. What results is the girls finding the mayor and wanting to help, only to end up with blood on their hands and their fingerprints on the pitch fork that took him out, completely set up by the killer. We know as soon as the mayor enters the farm alone that something bad is going to happen, but it’s put together so perfectly. Of course, this means Brooke has lost yet another person she cares about. It almost feels like Brooke is the real target, even if it’s Audrey and Emma getting the spotlight.

Heavenly Creatures. The movie that inspires the episode title is about two young girls whose parents decide to separate them from one another because they’ve created such a rich fantasy life together that it’s dangerous. You would think that the episode would give us hints that this is the case with Emma and Audrey, but instead, the writers had the killer present the idea to the entire town of them living out a series of twisted fantasies by murdering their friends. It’s a twist on the idea presented in the original film that works well to close out the episode.



The Bad

Stavo and Brooke are still holed up in the hotel. Yes, Brooke decides to go home after watching her dad’s press conference, and I know that their parents have been shown to be a little less than parental, but, really? A couple of kids who aren’t even legal can just camp out at a hotel and not get busted for it?

Audrey didn’t know the pig farm belonged to the James family. In her extensive research into Brandon James for her documentary with Piper, it does seem strange that she never discovered the family owned the same property that Emma’s had nightmares about. Even she finds it strange, so at least the writers were willing to acknowledge the little plot hole.


The Killer

Eli and his mom are looking pretty good right now as suspects, aren’t they? My gut tells me that the two of them are just con artists though since the writers throw Eli to the audience as a suspect as often as they do Stavo. Instead, I go back to my initial thoughts at this point that Emma’s father or even Brandon James are the most likely suspects. Whomever is doing this has a serious grudge against Emma for “cutting him off,” but who’s to say those words were actually about Emma specifically and not about Emma and her mother? The two of them have had their differences, but both of the men could easily decide to hurt both women by targeting Emma and her friends.


Grading the episode: If this episode doesn’t get you pumped for next week’s season finale, I don’t know what would. While there’s been a lot of back and forth with different suspects throughout the season, this week definitely gave the show a huge push forward. I cannot wait to see Emma and Audrey get the chance to finally unmask the killer next week. B+