‘Scream’ S2: E10 ‘The Vanishing’ Review

Photo Credit: MTV

While the adults worry about the secrets they’ve been keeping, Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) and Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) continue to be driven further apart. When Noah (John Karna) is in danger though, they have to band together.


**Spoiler Alert**

This review contains spoilers for S2E10 of Scream. If you haven’t yet watched, read at your own risk.


The Good

Emma questions Audrey about Piper. After the events of last week, Audrey gives Emma the clearance to ask her anything so they can clear the air, but every answer Audrey gives her just makes Emma more angry. We find out much later that Emma might have a good reason to be angry since it doesn’t look like Audrey actually fessed up to everything.

Piper didn’t kill Rachel. In a surprising reveal during Emma and Audrey’s talk, Audrey reveals that she was with Piper when Rachel was killed. This throws a lot of what we thought we knew about the first season into question. It was believed that Audrey was her accomplice, but if she really didn’t know anything about the killing, that means Piper had another accomplice. And that means the killer this season could be a killer from last season, which opens up a lot of possibilities for the show.

We flashback to Maggie’s teen years. The flashbacks are parsed throughout the episode, and they’re so short that you don’t learn much from them at first, but it’s nice to get at least a few answers to what went on in Lakewood with Maggie, Acosta, and Brandon James.


The Vanishing. In one of the show’s more overt nods to horror, this episode takes a cue from the 1993 film. In the 90s movie, a man searches for his girlfriend after she’s abducted by a killer. The killer watches everything happen. While the show has flipped the genders, and Noah isn’t dating either Audrey or Emma here, it’s the same basic premise. The show’s nods to classic horror work best when they’re like this.

The tension and the emotion does not let up. Kudos to the cast for keeping up the emotions the entire episode. Not only did Fitzgerald and Taylor-Klaus have to sell anger at one another and desperation to help a friend the entire hour, but Karna had to stay in panic mode the whole time. It must have been an incredibly stressful shoot.


The Bad

Noah falls for the killer’s trap. He’s the one who knows slasher films. He’s the one who tells people not to go out alone. He knows the killer can spoof phones. And yet, he still goes out to meet Zoe in a deserted location all alone. Apparently, once Noah gets some action, he also loses all common sense.

Someone knows the adults’ secrets. It’s all well and good that the murders might actually go back a lot further than Emma and Audrey, but it gets really tiring to just have Maggie and Acosta keep going on and on about someone knowing their secrets while only allowing the audience bits and pieces of the story. Just give the audience the story.

Zoe is dead. Is Noah just not allowed to be happy? Riley was the most heartbreaking death of the first season, hands down, and she was his first potential girlfriend. He connects with Zoe, and then has to watch her die even though he thinks he’s in time to save her. If this game is supposed to be centered on Emma, why can’t Noah just have a decent relationship in his life?

Brooke is nowhere to be found. I know that she’s grieving, but Carlson Young has been a standout this season, so her absence is always felt.



The Killer

Brandon James is looking pretty good for the killer right now, right? Zoe has been one of the most shady additions to the show this season, but she obviously didn’t stick herself in a box in the lake. And with all of the reminders that Emma’s family and the history of Lakewood connect to Brandon James, it seems like the killer is going to be the one who started this whole mess in the first place.

Of course, notably missing for most of the episode (again) are the two new guys in town, Stavo and Eli. Eli showed up at the end to creepily stare at Emma’s house to boot. It seems like these two are being oversold as possible killers though. We’ll just have to wait and see.


Grading the episode: Although the acting was fantastic this time around, even that couldn’t save this episode for me. There were just too many missteps and too many things missing for me. C-