‘Fear the Walking Dead’ S2: E13 ‘Date of Death’ Review

Photo Credit: AMC

Madison (Kim Dickens) struggle to deal with the events she set off at the hotel as those seeking to escape the zombies fight for a way inside. There also happens to be a familiar face in the group in Travis (Cliff Curtis). We find out why Chris (Lorenzo Henrie) isn’t with him.


**Spoiler Alert**

This episode contains spoilers for S2E13 of Fear the Walking Dead. If you haven’t watched, read at your own risk.


The Good

Travis arrives at the hotel in the opening. We know that we’re going to have to backtrack and find out just what happened with Travis and Chris after the farmer was shot. Seeing Travis come pushing through the crowd of people though sucks you right in because then, you know that something had to have happened for him to show up alone. He left Madison and the others to stay with his son because he thought keeping Chris safe was more important. So as soon as we spot him at the gate, we know something major is coming.

Alisha’s Spanish is pretty good. We’ve seen various language levels amongst the main cast, but she apologizes at the gate when they can’t let more people in and even tells everyone that the hotel having power is a mistake - and she does it all in Spanish. Considering they’re all in Mexico, we’re going to need to see more characters learn more Spanish as the show goes on unless they leave Mexico behind.

“No matter where we go, it’s the same story, different people.” This is true for just about any post-apocalyptic tale, isn’t it? Not just for the people Travis encounters. There is always going to be someone, more likely multiple someones, who have watched people they care about die, or even killed them themselves. But this is also a bit more meta in this show’s case since so many of the storylines we’ve seen have echoed ones that have already played out on the mothership series The Walking Dead, just in whole new ways.

Madison comes clean to Alisha about her father’s death. It’s kind of a strange time to drop that bomb on her, but it’s better that Madison is finally trying to get things out in the open with Alisha now. In order for Madison and Alisha to be a united front, they need to be on the same page.

That cliffhanger. As the episode closes out, there are a few more people lining up at the gate, amongst them, Chris’ new friends. It looks like they didn’t get very far in their quest to get to San Diego.



The Bad

This episode is so, so, slow. As much as I wanted to find out what happened between Chris and Travis, it could have been accomplished in less than half the time the episode told the story in. The pieces of the story moved so slowly. And I thought the midseason return was slow.

The Bro Trio is really annoying. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt because it would allow us to see Chris’ budding serial killer tendencies to expand. But I found their constant frat boy behavior and complete ignorance of how to survive in the world outside of shooting each other really annoying. There’s no learning curve with them, just cockiness. It gets old very quickly and they probably shouldn’t have been the main storyline for the episode. I have to question what the point was of allowing Travis and James to hole up for a week instead of just leaving them behind. If Chris always knew that he was going to leave anyway, why did he bother tricking his father and helping the others kill James? What was the point? It seemed like an all around waste of time for the characters and the audience.


The Questions

Why not let people in initially? The group outside of the hotel gates isn’t drastically big. A couple of dozen people, maybe. The hotel is huge. And there is food storage and water. Yes, these are things that need to be rationed, but with a larger group of people, they could organize search parties to find more supplies. There’s plenty of room as long as they at least attempt to get along. The gut instinct being not to let anyone in seems to be the exact opposite of Madison’s wish to work with the others in the hotel just two weeks ago.

Will we see Chris more? Lorenzo Henrie has joined the cast of Agents of SHIELD in a recurring role, so with only two episodes left of this show in season two, we might not see him much of him until season three. With his new friends at the gate, he’s got to be there too, right?

Will we see Ofelia before the season ends? I’m hoping the actress was just too busy with other projects to be in the bulk of the back half of the season because we’ve hardly seen her at all.


Grading the episode: This might have been the episode of the season that I liked the least. There wasn’t nearly enough movement in it and the emotional story beats that were hit could have been accomplished much faster. D-