‘Fear the Walking Dead’ S2: E12 ‘Pillars of Salt’ Review

Photo Credit: AMC

The Colonia isn’t the perfect settlement as Alejandro (Paul Calderon) reveals he has a dark side when he tightens his control. Meanwhile, after ridding the hotel of its zombie population last week, Madison (Kim Dickens) has to take action when one of the guests becomes violent.


**Spoiler Alert**

This review contains spoilers for S2E12 of Fear The Walking Dead. If you haven’t yet watched, read at your own risk.


The Good

One family leaves the Colonia behind. In the kick off for the episode, and one way to let us know that things might not be so perfect there, we see one man make the decision to sneak out with his wife and daughter. I was really expecting them to get caught by someone in the Colonia and be punished, not get caught by the guys running the “supermarket” in town instead, so the whole sequence was a tense lead up to them getting caught.

Ofelia returns. And we even get a little backstory. Once upon a time, she was engaged. Now, the woman who has lost hope at the end of the world is making her way through Mexico on her own. She does okay for herself too considering that she seemed ready to die last we saw her. Not only does she seem to have a plan with a map and the truck she stole, but she’s siphoning gasoline and killing zombies on her own. It’s only been a few days in show time, maybe, but she seems much stronger than when we last saw her.


Madison makes a new rule. When Strand is stabbed by a disgruntled guest, she decrees that they can’t commit violence against one another if they want to stay. This is a smart rule when you have a group of people with plenty of anger and grief locked together, but I also have a feeling that this is a bit of foreshadowing that’s going to come back to bite them. No one ever stays in one location on a zombie show. Homes never remain safe for long.

Madison and Nick’s storylines begin to intersect. As Madison and Elena go to get drugs and supplies to save Strand’s life, we discover that one of Elena’s nephews is working in the grocery store that supplies the Colonia with their water. Talk about a small world. It looks like Madison and Nick didn’t make it very far from one another after all. Of course, when Madison overhears, via Elena’s translation, talk about an American who fits Nick’s description, she can’t stay out of it.

Nick starts to doubt Alejandro. As Alejandro becomes worried about people leaving the Colonia, he feels his power slipping away, and Nick recognizes that fear. Nick wants to do what’s best for the group, mainly getting them water, but Alejandro disagrees. Instead, Alejandro thinks he needs to keep everyone safe inside the walls. It’s a power dynamic that’s going to start to break down, as so many of the communities in a dystopia do.


The Bad

Not enough Ofelia. We get such a brief glimpse at Ofelia after her being missing for multiple episodes! It’s not enough. I would have been happier to see more of her and less of the Colonia since what’s happening over there isn’t as hard to see coming.

The Travis tease. Travis sees the lights for the hotel come on when Madison thinks that she needs to make them visible just in case Nick is looking for them. That’s the extent of the scene. It’s pretty unnecessary considering we didn’t see him or Chris the entire rest of the episode. It’s odd that we didn’t get any Ofelia teases for two weeks after a big story for her, but he needs one instead of letting us sweat it out.



The Questions

What happened to all the zombies run off the boardwalk? It’s clear that Alisha’s plan was meant to have the current take them all out to sea, but wouldn’t at least a few of them have washed ashore? Wouldn’t there still be some in the area surrounding the hotel? It’s just odd that Alisha could be hanging out on the beach taking surfing lessons.

Will Nick be Madison’s downfall? Madison seemed fully committed to making sure she and Alisha survived in this dangerous new world just last week. Now, she’s back to putting all common sense and good judgement aside at the possibility of knowing where Nick is. Nick is most definitely her weakness while Alisha helps strengthen her. It’s an interesting dichotomy with her kids, and it makes me wonder if Nick will be the reason the show could lose Madison in the future.

Will Alisha eventually leave Madison behind? Alisha is the only one who chose to stay with Madison. Nick left his family to search out where he fit in the world. Chris, the budding psychopath, couldn’t stay, and Travis decided he needed to be with his son. Madison constantly seems to forget that Alisha could have left her, but chose to stay. Will she change her mind after being taken for granted again?


Grading the episode: This episode didn’t grip me as much as last week, likely because the conflicts teed up here didn’t get resolved and were easy to see coming. I’m curious to see if Ofelia finds what she’s looking for more than I am about anything else that happened in this episode. C