‘Fear The Walking Dead’ S2: E09 ‘Los Muertos’ Review

Photo Credit: AMC

After last week was all about Nick (Frank Dillane), we get to see what Madison (Kim Dickens), Strand (Colman Domingo), and some of the others are up to after being forced to leave the zombie-filled compound where they had found refuge. In his new home, Nick also takes on a dangerous job.


**Spoiler Alert**

This review contains spoilers for S2E09 of Fear The Walking Dead. If you haven’t yet watched, read at your own risk.


The Good

The opening sacrifice. While I know that Nick has been looking for a place to fit in, specifically a place where the dead aren’t considered monsters, this opening sequence in which a member of the community is essentially sacrificed to the zombies outside lets you know that not everything is going to be picture perfect here. Whether the group is looking for spiritual answers or scientific ones doesn’t really matter as we watch what unfolds. It’s creepy and cult-like as a huge number of the town turn up to pray and watch a man leave through a school bus to be eaten alive.

The Abigail is missing. It looks like the group is going to be forced to stay landlocked for a little while. As much as I loved the claustrophobic nature of the group confined to the yacht, this presents a whole new set of problems for the group to deal with.

“It’s me and you now, whether you like it or not.” Alisha has a hard truth that Madison doesn’t seem to want to hear. While Madison is busy looking over her shoulder and dragging her feet to give the family members that left them behind a chance to catch up, Alisha is ready to move on and make sure they surprise. Madison is also clinging to her daughter, wanting her around her at all times, while Alisha is ready and willing to take care of herself. It’s a turnaround from where Alisha was in season one, and even in the start of season two. She’s learned a lot in her time in this new world, and she just might adjust quicker than anyone to doing what needs to be done.

Ofelia starts to lose hope. She sees herself as something of a weak link, and she’s pretty clear about being sure she’s not going to make it out of this situation. She’s already tired of having to fight to survive and it’s only been two months. That doesn’t bode well for her, but it’s also realistic. Not everyone in a group of survivors like this is going to have the drive to keep pushing forward when the entire world around them has fallen apart.

The status quo sees thugs in charge. There appears to be one grocery near the settlement where Luciana and her people live. And that grocery is run by thugs. If these are the real villains of the season, things are going to get really interesting really quickly. All of the local supplies are controlled in one building. We all know that’s not going to end well.

The pharmacist is treating patients with saline. He gives Nick a speech about wanting people to have hope and not fear what’s coming, but really, he’s a pragmatist here. He can’t afford to waste what little supplies they have on someone whose death is inevitable. He just knows how to give him hope at the same time.



The Bad

Splitting the episode between Nick and Strand’s group. Look, I’m not saying I don’t want to know what’s going on with everyone. But we just had a full Nick episode last week for the midseason premiere. I could have done without him getting so much of the story again this week.

Nick is also an idiot. It seems like even though he’s learned how to walk amongst the dead, he just can’t stop himself from making a few bad decisions and try to take things that he’s been told not to. Stealing from the one grocery in the area doesn’t just put him in danger, but Luciana, and possibly everyone back in their settlement as well. At least he uses his knowledge of addiction to his advantage.

Madison and Strand decide to get drunk and make some noise. No, that’s not a euphemism. The duo take shots while reminiscing about their pasts and it leads to them getting drunk enough to throw glasses around and play the piano. You would think these two would know better by now as the pair we’ve seen leading the group.


The Questions

Where is Ofelia? After she and Alisha chat about survival and giving up, Alisha takes a shower and Ofelia disappears. Given that zombies are getting ready to congregate on the ground floor of the hotel, it seems like Ofelia is going to be in some serious danger - or maybe she’ll end up helping to save the day.

Can some people survive the bite? It’s not something we’ve seen on The Walking Dead up to this point, but there’s at least one person on this show who appears to have been bitten in the past and is still walking and talking like a human being. What does this mean for the future of the series? Will we see more people who might be immune to whatever causes the infection?


Grading the episode: Much better than last week, but I still would have preferred to have the focus on Madison, Strand, Alisha, and Ofelia. The show didn’t have strong pacing, but it was definitely more engaging than the last episode. C+