‘Blindspot’ S2: E06 ‘Her Spy’s Harmed’ Review

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While Jane (Jaimie Alexander) has to participate in a Sandstorm mission, Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) is on the hunt for a fugitive in Bulgaria. Meanwhile, Reade (Rob Brown) and Zapata (Audrey Esparza) have their own problems to deal with.


**Spoiler Alert**

This review contains spoilers for S2E06 of Blindspot. If you haven’t yet watched, read at your own risk.


The Good

Zapata has Reade covered. Picking up right where last week’s episode left off, Zapata instructs Reade to leave with her before the security personnel come in and find Coach Jones dead. When they get to Reade’s apartment, she outlines an entire plan to keep Reade from winding up a suspect since she believes he didn’t do it, all the while questioning him, just to make sure - also all while stripping off their clothes so she can burn them. Zapata then waits until Patterson gets an alert to the crime, and while Reade is talking to the detective on the scene, steals the tape with Reade’s name on it that was left behind. I probably say this every week, but Zapata is the kind of friend we all need. Calm under pressure, ready with a plan, and always has your back, even if you might be involved in murder. She’s amazing.

Patterson spars with Borden. It’s not their only interaction in the episode, but I love that, despite them both working in the office instead of in the field, the now-dating-duo gets in a little sparring while everyone else is out on assignments. I think it’s important for the show to demonstrate that even if the two of them aren’t necessarily field agents, they can handle themselves in a fight.

Nas and Weller find a twist in Bulgaria. They think they’re going to arrest someone, but instead, their “fugitive” insists he’s been framed for treason and is being held by the Bulgarian government. It makes their simple task of grabbing a criminal all the more complicated, though it’s not the best storyline of the episode.

Jane big sistering Roman. Despite Jane not having clear memories of her brother and their childhood, she gets fragments throughout the episode and her behavior towards Roman is most definitely that of a big sister. She chides him when he’s impulsive and ready to make mistakes, she protects him from getting caught, and she even teaches him a few things along the way. If she didn’t tell Nas she was playing him at the end of the episode, I’d be thinking she’s starting to feel like a big sister again. I still do.

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We see how Roman got his scar. One of the memories that surface for Jane reveals that Roman got his scar when he was attacked by kids at the orphanage in South Africa. It was a time when jane didn’t protect him and they lost the one thing that belonged to their parents. It’s a nice reveal because, with what we’ve seen of him so far, you’d think he’d got it in a military coup or an assassination attempt.

Weller recognizes Shepherd’s voice. When it’s revealed that their computer hacker was actually framed for treason by Sandstorm, Weller realizes he recognizes her voice on the recording. He doesn’t know where he knows the voice from, but no one knows her real name yet, so it’s likely going to be a fun reveal. How much do we bet that she’s tied to the military academy he attended?

The show has moved away from the monster-of-the-week format. If only slightly. Yes, we still get different cases that have to be solved by the end of the hour every episode, but now that the show has moved deeper into serialized storytelling, it’s serving it well. Reade and Zapata dealing with the Coach Jones history and Jane starting to get answers about Sandstorm are leaps and bounds better than the individual case stories.


The Bad

Weller and Nas apparently work out their issues. And by work out their issues, I mean make out in a Bulgarian hotel room and possibly sleep together. If they did, it happened off screen. Last week, Weller and Nas could barely get along and he was obsessed with Allie and his baby. This week, he’s letting Nas make moves on him right before nearly killing a guy for torturing Jane, whom he also had feelings for. Does Weller need all the love interests on this show? Give someone else a chance. Or, maybe just focus on one romance at a time. Patterson and Borden are great already.

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Tattoos Unpuzzled

There were 32 as of last week, and this week had no tattoos, but for good reason as there were three separate storylines going on. This does mean no tattoos have been uncovered over three episodes in a row, a welcome change for the show.


Grading the episode: One of the more fascinating episodes of the season, Reade and Zapata’s storyline stole the show for me. They might have had less screen time than the other two stories, but that’s the one I want to see more of. B+