‘Blindspot’ S2: E05 ‘Condone Untidiest Thefts’ Review

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Allie (Trieste Kelly Dunn) returns for a more criminal storyline than last week. Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and the rest of the team will have to work with her to bring down a mob leader after an attempt on a politician’s life. The case puts Allie right in the line of fire. Reade (Rob Brown) takes a personal day to deal with his past.


**Spoiler Alert**

This reviews contains spoilers for S2E05 of Blindspot. If you haven’t yet watched, read at your own risk.


The Good

Michelle Hurd plays the line of mom and spy well. Despite never feeling like we can trust her, Hurd does a good job at making Shepherd into someone that you can tell really cares about Jane. I’m always thinking she’s one step away from killing someone, but she always seems like she wants to be on Jane’s side.

Dating is going well for Patterson and Borden. While those of us in the audience might be doubting whether or not we can trust Borden, it looks like Patterson is all in. We get to watch the two of them be adorable and trade quips while brushing their teeth in her apartment after a night together. Considering how flustered Patterson gets when he suggests them going into work together, there are probably still some things to work out, but it’s nice to have lighter moments for a relationship on the show since so many are full of angst.

Zapata is so amused by the O’Malley interrogation. Weller’s attitude on behalf of Allie really grated on my nerves throughout the episode, but I loved how much Zapata got a kick out of the interrogation, which included O’Malley calling Weller a rookie.

The leader of the Irish mob is a state senator. In an interesting twist, Patrick O’Malley reveals during his interrogation that the senator who was attacked actually planned the attack himself. The same senator is actually the man leading the Irish mob behind the scenes. Considering how much of the show has taken on political corruption, I feel like we all should have seen this coming, but I enjoyed the twist all the same.

Reade is heading for trouble. He takes a personal day to deal with the possibility that he was an assault victim. The not knowing is eating him alive and not only does he get reported for attacking the former coach, but he decides to add a little breaking and entering to the mix. Luckily for him, Zapata always has his back and decides to take a personal day of her own to make sure he’s okay. Zapata is the kind of friend that everyone wants in their corner.

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Who’s Chris? We get a slight teaser to Jane’s past. She starts to remember a doctor who helped her when she was presumed dead in Afghanistan. She wants Patterson to try and track down the woman’s ring, which she remembers and draws in detail, but Patterson doesn’t have any luck. When she talks to Shepherd about her memories, we later find out Shepherd held something back. Shepherd and Roman have been keeping things from her, including whomever Chris is.

That cliffhanger. Reade, after breaking into his coach’s house, finds a video tape labeled with his name on it. We don’t know what’s on the tape, or even if Reade watches it, but when Zapata finds him at the house, he’s standing over the coach’s dead body. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Reade didn’t do it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to cover for the person who did, especially if it’s one of the man’s other victims.


The Bad

Weller’s jealousy is grating. I get that Weller has always been portrayed as an alpha male. I do. But he took a step back from Allie and originally didn’t want anything to do with the baby. Now that he’s decided to be involved, he’s suddenly acting like a jealous boyfriend even though she’s seeing someone else. It’s the same way he’s acted around Jane in the past and it’s almost as though Weller has this mindset that the people he cares about belong to him. In small doses in a storyline, it helps solidify his characterization, but when it takes over his performance in an episode, it’s annoying.

Allie is the team member shot. Because of course she is. The pregnant woman has to be the member of the team shot during a standoff, doesn’t she? That’s sarcasm if it doesn’t come across the screen. Allie has always been shown as just as capable as Jane in tense situations, though maybe not quite as inventive. To have her be the one shot as they are trapped in a stairwell instead of the former mob member with them, or even Jane, is a cheap shot to bring the drama after Kurt’s behavior in the rest of the episode.

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Tattoos Unpuzzled

A series of numbers around a decoded tattoo reveals “Snapitz” accounts for members of the mob. Snapitz is clearly the show’s version of Snapchat, and considering messages disappear once they’re seen, it’s definitely an efficient way for people to communicate illegal activities to one another. Because the numbers surround one of the first tattoos Patterson unraveled, according to her, I’m going to leave our count at 32, as it was after last week’s episode.


Grading the episode: I don’t like that the storyline lately is simply using Allie as a baby incubator and allowing other story possibilities to slip away, but I do like that we’re getting to see more of her in action on the show. The little hints that we’ve gotten into Jane’s past are also fascinating, but it’s definitely Reade’s story that’s making the show right now. C+