Philip Seymour Hoffman: 'Acting isn't mystical'

October 27th, 2011

Philip Seymour Hoffman doesn't think acting is "mystical"

The 44-year-old actor and director - who has over 50 film titles to his name, including 'Twister', 'Along Came Polly' and 'Mission Impossible III' - described how he finds a discomfort with acting, and isn't always as inspired as people would hope.

Speaking to The Scotsman he said: "People think it's more mystical than it is. You just get in the zone. And sometimes you're not inspired and you're up there, grinding your wheels in front of the camera."

In his directorial debut, 'Jack Goes Boating', he plays the titular role, and admitted that directing himself was something he didn't want to do.

He said: "Acting is a much more vulnerable job than directing, you really are putting yourself out there, all day long, in front of people. It's what we do, and if we do it well it's very satisfying. That struggle, that challenge can be great. But ultimately it's a struggle. And the director is there to help the actors go through that. So to be in those two head spaces at once?"