Jodie Foster: 'The Beaver is odd'

April 15th, 2011

Jodie Foster's new movie 'The Beaver' needed re-shoots because it had an "odd tone".

The forthcoming movie - which tells the tale of a man (Mel Gibson) who comes to terms with his problems with the help of a hand puppet - had to have is "trajectory massaged" as those behind the film were concerned some would worry it was a comedy film when in fact it was more dramatic.

She said: "The film has an odd tone to it and the tone took a long time to get right because I think the script had more exaggerated comedy and more exaggerated drama in it as well. So, we had to work on that.

"There were re-shoots just to try and massage that trajectory, but it does have a weird tone because the concept is a guy with a puppet on his hand. and some will just assume that that's comedic. However, we were very careful with every choice to lean toward the dramatic theme."

Jodie - who directs and stars in the movie - also accepts the movie is not something for "everybody", hence a limited release in the US.

She added to the Boston Examiner : "I know it's a very specialised subject matter. It's treated in a very special way and not for everyone, and that's why it's a specialized ( limited ) release. So, that's always a little scary because some people just don't like the movie. They're like, 'Why isn't it a comedy?'

"I understand that, but there's other movies out there that fulfil that function, just not this one."