MOTW: Five Great Quotes from the Christmas Classic "Home Alone"

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An 8-year-old boy named Kevin (played by Macaulay Culkin), is accidentally left behind by his family who fly to France for Christmas. After realizing his house is on the brink of being robbed, Kevin decides to defend his home against idiotic burglars.
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December 26th, 2013

MOTW: Five Great Quotes from the Christmas Classic "Home Alone"

Some movies, like "A Christmas Story," are practically synonymous with Christmas. "Home Alone" has become another one of those Christmas classics because it is as heartwarming as it is funny, which is the perfect combination for a holiday movie. "Home Alone" centers on Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) who is just eight years old and is accidentally left at home by his family as they jet off to Paris for the holidays. While his frantic mom, Kate (Catherine O'Hara), tries to get home to him, Kevin must fend for himself, which includes dealing with two burglars named Harry Lime (Joe Pesci) and Marv Merchants (Daniel Stern). Here are five of the best quotes from this very quotable film.

"Kevin, you're such a disease."

This quote sets the tone for the day before the McCallister family leaves for Paris. Poor Kevin seems like he can never do anything right in the eyes of his family members, who are all a little on edge as the stress of their upcoming trip starts to take its toll. After he causes a small disaster at dinner time, he is called a disease by Jeff (Michael C. Maronna), and much worse by various other family members, and told to go to bed. He reluctantly goes upstairs hating the world and his family and wakes up the next morning to find that everyone has gone to Paris except him.

"I made my family disappear."

When Kevin wakes up the morning that he is supposed to leave for Paris, he realizes that everyone has left without him. He has slept through the family getting up that morning and piling into a shuttle to get to the airport, so he has no idea what has happened or why he is suddenly home alone. In his young mind, the only rational explanation is that he has made his family disappear, since he declared the night before that he wished he lived alone. It seems like his wish has come true, and he initially has a blast eating junk food and watching TV shows his parents would normally never let him watch. It's all fun and games initially, but then Harry and Marv show up.

"I think we're getting scammed by a kindeygartener."

After Kevin tricks Harry and Marv into thinking that the McCallister family is still home, Harry gets frustrated and decides to take a closer look. He figures out that Kevin is the only one who is home and utters this quote, which is a definite sign of trouble for Kevin. Now that Harry has realized what is going on, he decides to finally break in and burgle the house, which means Kevin has to think quickly on his feet if he is going to defend his home and not get caught.

"This is my house. I have to defend it."

When Kevin realizes that Harry and Marv are preparing to break into his house, he initially gets scared. What young child wouldn't be frightened by the prospect of two thieves breaking into his house while he is home alone? After managing to scare them off a few times through trickery, he realizes that he can handle them as long as he plans ahead and sets a lot of painful traps for them to fall into. That is when he makes this declaration, which is the turning point of the movie for young Kevin, who goes from ne'er-do-well to brave hero.

"I have been awake for almost sixty hours. I have been from Chicago to Paris to Dallas to...where the hell am I?"

Loving mother Kate is beside herself after she realized that Kevin is home by himself, so she leaves Paris immediately, but with oversold holiday flights and various weather issues, she finds it impossible to get back to Chicago to see her son. She makes it back to the United States but is then put on a series of flights so confusing that she honestly doesn't even know what city she is in at this point. It probably doesn't help that she hasn't slept and has just been told that no flights are leaving to Chicago that day from Scranton, which is where she happens to be when she asks this question. Luckily, Gus Polinski (John Candy) and his polka band are driving to Chicago, so she hitches a ride with them and arrives home just after Kevin has handled the bumbling burglars. The embrace that mother and son share is arguably the most heartwarming moment in the film and serves as the perfect ending.