Elle Fanning's parents amused by acting career

August 10th, 2011

Elle and Dakota Fanning originally planned to be tennis players.

The 'Super 8' actress admits her family found it "funny" when she decided to follow her older sibling into Hollywood as no one else in their household had ever shown any signs of thespian talent.

Elle said: "My parents have no acting genes at all, no one in my family so it was funny when we got into acting because we were supposed to be like Venus and Serena [Williams], tennis players, so it was sort of mad that it worked out that way.

"My mom and sister moved out to LA and decided it was something Dakota really wanted to do, so me and my dad moved out and I saw what my big sister was doing and I wanted to try it and it's fun we have that connection, that's something that brings us together in a way, that we both do movies and that's fun for us."

Elle, 13, began acting when she was just two years old but insists she has no plans to give up her profession in the near future.

She added to movies.ie: "It's something I've been doing my whole life and can hopefully continue to do it, it's really fun. I do lots of ballet and sing, there's other things I do as well, movies are just another after school activity right?!"