'Perfect villain' Javier Bardem

August 31st, 2012

Sam Mendes says Javier Bardem was the perfect villain in 'Skyfall.'

The director was thrilled with the Spanish actor's portrayal as dangerous Raoul Silva in the forthcoming James Bond movie and says the hunky star did a great job because he isn't afraid to take risks.

He said: ''Javier takes some risks. But he's an amazing actor and I think he gives you something you may consider to have been absent from the bond movies for a long time. Silva's up there with the greats, for me, and that's why I worked very hard to persuade him to be colourless, I didn't want him to be functional, I didn't want him to be about the plot.

''Javier's created something truly original. It is larger in one respect but full of surprises - never entirely, at any given moment, exactly what you think it is.''

The British director has predicted the movie - which will be released in October - will be one of the best yet and he thinks it's very different to recent installments in the franchise, which stars Daniel Craig in the lead role.

He told Empire magazine: ''There are quite a lot of new things in this movie, but I never had the intention to reinvent the wheel.

''You've just gotta dive in, you can't be too precious about it. You have to get inside the fight, get inside the crash, get inside the explosion.''