Colin Farrell's Psychopath worries

November 11th, 2011

Colin Farrell "wouldn't know" how to break down the script for 'Seven Psychopaths'.

The Irish actor - who won the Best Actor Golden Globes in 2009 for his role in 'In Bruges' - doesn't fully understand the film, which tells the tale of a writer suffering with a block in his abilities, but is excited to be taking part.

He said: "I'm starting in a few weeks. If you held a gun to my child's head, I wouldn't know how to break down that f**king plot. Martin [McDonagh] wrote a great and really original script. We are shooting it here in Los Angeles, which is magic. So I will get to be home with the boys and stuff. We start in about five weeks."

The hunky star - who appears alongside Woody Harrelson in the movie - also reveals he went into acting thanks to classic movies 'E.T.' and 'Rocky'.

He told "The first film experiences that I can remember are two things: 'E.T.' and 'Rocky'. They were two things that really moved me and stirred me at whatever age I was. I may have seen 'E.T.' when I was seven or eight in a theatre, but I cried like a seven or eight year old. I just loved it. I was just taken away completely to another world. It just inspired in me all sorts of thoughts, emotions, and it stayed with me very much. 'Rocky' was the same."