Strange Yet Stellar: 5 Actors Who Should Be Cast as Marvel's Dr. Strange

Photo Credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures
April 22nd, 2014

With his mysterious charm and detached demeanor, Dr. Strange keeps comic lovers riveted to the pages that follow him. Marvel fans enthusiastically devour the "Captain America" films, and iconic characters like Spiderman, Wolverine and Thor all star in their own successful franchises, but Dr. Strange has yet to make his film debut. For the multifaceted character's transition to the silver screen, it is essential to find an actor who perfectly portrays the varied dimensions of Dr. Strange's personality. Hollywood has a huge pool of potential actors to consider for the role, but these five kings of the box office offer a great launching pad for studio honchos on the hunt for the perfect Dr. Strange.


bomer.jpgPhoto Credit: Warner Bros.

5. Matt Bomer
From his role in one of TV's leading action series to his dramatic turn in the Broadway production "8," Matt Bomer clearly possesses the acting chops needed to bring Dr. Strange to life. He already knows the perils of dabbling with the dark side, thanks to his long-running role as Neal Caffrey on "White Collar," and his acting chops in "Tru Calling" clearly demonstrate the versatile actor's uncanny ability to take on science fiction plotlines. Not only does Bomer possess the skills necessary to animate Dr. Strange, but his undeniable charm and boyish good looks are bound to capture the attention of reluctant girlfriends and wives at the box office.



crudup.jpgPhoto Credit: Universal Pictures

4. Billy Crudup
When it comes to embodying superheros, Billy Crudup already has the experience to prove he is up for the task. The actor's turn as Dr. Manhattan in 2009's "Watchmen" provides ample evidence of Crudup's ability to tackle the challenges presented by the role of Dr. Strange. The Tony Award-nominated actor not only retains the physical features moviegoers demand to see in Dr. Strange, but his intensity corresponds with the character perfectly. Crudup is also an accomplished voice actor, and the role of Dr. Strange is certain to demand a voice like no other.



cumberbatch.jpgPhoto Credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures

3. Benedict Cumberbatch
Perhaps best-known for his role as Sherlock Holmes in the BBC's hit show "Sherlock," Benedict Cumberbatch knows how to play eccentric, wealthy characters to a T. While Dr. Strange peruses the earth in search of a cure for his shaking hands, and Sherlock is on the hunt for criminals, the differences between these two characters are fewer than one might think. Perhaps as a bonus, casting directors could convince Martin Freeman to play Strange's manservant Wong, bringing the Sherlock theme full circle and pulling in fans of that series who are not generally fans of superhero movies.



hamm.jpgPhoto Credit: Universal Pictures

2. Jon Hamm
If strapping good looks and thick oozing charm form an integral part of the Dr. Strange equation, no actor matches the allure of Jon Hamm. The "Mad Men" headliner and "30 Rock" guest star continually keeps audiences captivated with his dapper style and characteristic flair. If the film chooses to chronicle Dr. Strange's beginning as a successful medical practioner, Hamm serves as an excellent choice. Jon Hamm embodies all of the qualities moviegoers love, and it's time movie lovers got to see this actor take on the role of a superhero. If nothing else, Liz Lemon sends her vote of confidence.



depp_0.jpgPhoto Credit: FilmDistrict

1. Johnny Depp
While a handsome face and quick wit account for part of Dr. Strange's quirky personality, Johnny Depp is easily the best candidate to bring out the "strange" in this wacky character. The A-Lister holds innumerable accolades, with blockbusters like the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series and "Finding Neverland" cementing his place at the top of the box office. Furthemore, the star's many collaborations with Tim Burton in films like "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "Sleepy Hollow" truly show just how strange Depp's characters often are. Of course, Depp's versatility extends far beyond the realms of the bizarre, and the actor often shines a refreshing light on characters that audiences already love. These qualities make him an ideal match for the role of Dr. Strange, and he might pleasantly surprise fans of the comic books.

When Dr. Strange finally makes his long awaited appearance in theaters across the country, audiences need to be impressed from the beginning. There is no shortage of actors eager to snap up the role at the heart of one of Marvel's new hits, but these men are perhaps some of the best options out there. From their stellar good looks to their unmistakable charm and passion, these actors embody everything that film critics and viewers alike crave in the real-life film incarnation of Dr. Strange.