Interview with "Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome" star Lili Bordán

Photo Credit: The Sci-Fi Channel
February 22nd, 2013

Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome is the newest edition to the extremely popular science fiction series.  The story takes place at the beginning of the Cylon Wars with a mission that includes Dr. Becca Kelly played by Lili Bordan.  Lili was nice enough to take the time to speak with me about her new role. 

Nick Leyland from Movie Room Reviews- We are here talking with actress, writer, Producer Lili Bordan who played in films such as Munich, The Best Man, and many more.  She was also on television shows like: Casino, Silent Witness, Law and Order, and more.  Today we are here to talk about her role as Dr. Becca Kelly in the film Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome which came out on DVD and Blu-Ray as a  NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN, UNRATED EDITION on FEBRUARY 19, 2013. 

MRR- How are you today Lili?

Lili- I’m great!

MRR- Now this is a movie comprised of 10 episodes that started airing back in November correct?

Lili- It was made as a back door pilot for SyFy, a prequel to Battlestar Galactica the re-imagined series.  It ended up being split up into 10 parts and it was a little bit edited down and put on, and then it aired again on Syfy in it's entirety, and out on Blu-Ray on the 19th.

MRR- Can you confirm that this is an unrated never-before-seen edition?

Lili- Yes that’s right.

MRR- Can you give our audience the plot of the film?

Lili- Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome takes place in the beginning of the Cylon Wars. What we know as Battlestar Galactica with Ed Olmos, Katee Sackhoff, Tricia Helfer, that’s closer to the end, that’s like fifty years into the war. This is when Adama was just a rookie pilot, this is his first mission.  It’s an interesting mission.  It’s very covert.  It’s basically spearheaded by this woman Dr. Becca Kelly whom I play.  She’s a software engineer, and she helped cylons become more advanced.  They go on this mission with  Coker Fasjovik who has been a pilot forever and this is his last run. It’s an interesting chemical reaction that happens between these three people; it’s pretty intense. It’s about their journey into cylon territory, and to complete this mission.

MRR- I think you already answered this but this is a prequel to the show Battlestar Galactica right?

Lili- Yes it is.  It's a prequel to that, and it's after Caprica.  It's a good fifteen or ten years after Caprica.  So it's kind of a bridge between the two.

MRR- What are hard core fans of BSG really going to like from this?

Lily- Oh god, well the Vipers, the Raptors, it’s all the famaliar universe; it’s Battlestar. It’s a glimpse in how the war began, and how the war was created, and propaganda, and how the cylons came to be as human as they are in the last series that we saw. 

MRR- So it’s going to answer some questions that people have been wanting to know?

Lili- Absolutely! It’s going to answer some questions about that.  It’s going to delve into the world of the war between cylons and the humans, and it’s going to address some of the philosophical questions of creation; but it’s also very rooted in human drama. It’s everything that we love about Battlestar just set in a different time.  It’s a little more darker, and a little more treacherous than what we are used to because at this time deep space was more uncharted so were gonna see a lot of ghost ships, and entire star ships of people who were pronounced dead and signed their own death certificate; but who are camped out in cylon space because that’s what it’s going to take to win the war.  It’s like satellites, if you were to compare it to the US war, it’s like things you only hear about after they’ve exploded because of one thing or another.   It’s very politically charged, but it’s also very emotional.

MRR- What are the fans going to get from this DVD that they didn’t get originally from the episodes?

Lili-  The show aired in it’s entirety on SyFy in February so if you missed that this is a great opportunity to get to see it.  I think there might be a couple more minutes of footage.  I know that there are a lot of cool add-ons.  There’s going to be footage that was shot that never made it into the finished version.  A lot of character development with Adama and Coker and their relationship.  All of my scenes were left intact so you’re not going to see much of more me; perhaps a little more skin, I was told.

MRR- You did so good that they had to keep everything in there huh?

Lili- Right! (haha)  You’ll see a lot of the movie with the backdrop of the green screen because a lot of that footage was to be worked on in post if it was going to make it into the movie.

MRR- When doing a film like this how much do you have to rely on the special effects crew on a movie like this?

Lili- Well we were shown a lot of the drawings, and were aware of our surroundings, and what they would look like, but they were still just green so we had to use our imagination. I recently visited the Universal team who spent ten months creating this universe after we already filmed it, so you can imagine what I thought when I saw the result; which is unbelievable.  Regardless of the fact that it was all created on green screen, which has never been done before to this degree.  Regardless of that, it still looks beautiful and amazing and intriguing. 

MRR- You probably wish you were really there.

Lili- Yeah! I wanted to be in that snow hotel!  I wanted to ski on those mountains and that snake is really scary.  This would have taken months and months to shoot but we did it in 15 days.  That is really fast for what it is. 

MRR- The movie is great and I think one of the funniest things is that you say “frack” all the time.

Lili- Well it’s kind of our trademark because it was said so many times in the previous series.  So that was one of the things that I think is so unique to us is the “frack”.

MRR- Just one question about yourself, when you became an actress was this the kind of film you thought you would be doing?

Lili- It was unexpected.  I read the script and I loved it.  I hadn’t seen much of Battlestar, I think it had seeped through to my subconscious after seeing some posters, or hanging around, or images of Tricia Helfer in her red dress and the painting of the Last Supper that was imitated so brilliantly.  I always had a sense that this was an amazing thing and then when I finally got it, I realized what a huge deal it really is and what a huge following this show really has.

MRR- Yeah it is huge.

Lili- This is hands down the coolest project that I’ve ever worked on. Ever!

MRR- And it was all filmed in 15 days!

Lili- Yep.

MRR- What else can we look forward to seeing from you in the future Lili?

Lili- I would like for you guys to come out to the MOTH Theater  in April. We open April 11th with a play called The Shawl. It’s kind of Science Fiction based and it’s about previous lives .  It’s very mystical and there are some really amazing characters and gender reversals. It’s a cool play so if you go on MOTH’s website we’ll put up where you can purchase the tickets right now. 

I am also doing a film last year called Two Days in the Smoke.  We filmed it in London and in Paris.  It’s in Berlin now screening in the Berlin film festival and hopefully we will have distribution in the US. Then just a couple things I have in the spring that I don’t want to talk about yet because you never really know until you are there.

MRR- Well thanks so much for talking with us Lili.  We really appreciate your time and everyone will have to go check out Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome.

Lili- Thanks!