Alice Eve talks 'Before We Go' and Chris Evans

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November 5th, 2015

Alice Eve is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses around these days and her career is only getting stronger. With earlier films like She’s Out of My League, Star Trek Into Darkness and The Raven, the 33-year-old has proven she has what it takes to navigate a successful career in Hollywood. With four new major projects underway, 2016 will be an incredible year for Alice as she stars in films like Beyond Deceit with Al Pacino and Criminal with Ryan Reynolds and Gary Oldman. The actress has starred in a number of films this year including the wonderful short film Lithgow Saint with Jason Isaacs which is based on an interview that Helen Mirren gave in the '70s. As for Alice's latest big-screen endeavor, she joins Chris Evans (Captain America) in the beautifully written piece, Before We Go. The drama, which is Evans' directorial debut, revolves around the unexpected adventure of two strangers becoming friends on a cold New York City night. Here is what Alice had to say about the film.

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Nick Leyland fromTMN: Hey Alice thanks for talking with me, I figured you'd be a little ‘out of my league.’ Sorry, bad joke. [laughter]

Alice Eve : Ha ha ha, touche.

TMN: I watched the film and it was really great and it comes out on Blu-ray November 3rd, right?

Alice Eve: That's right.

TMN: You played Brooke, it had to be a little bit weird of a role because you had to play so many different sides of Brooke. We saw the innocent side, the mean side, the happy side, all those different sides.

Alice Eve: Yeah, we’re all human, though, we have all sides, right?

TMN: Some of us. [chuckle]

Alice Eve: Yeah, we're complex, well, people are very complex. So it was a lot of fun for me to play that. I enjoyed it.

TMN: How much work goes into a film like this 'cause you're in just about every scene. I saw you in a film similar where you're in every scene, it was called, Some Velvet Morning I think, I saw it a couple of years ago.

Alice Eve: Yeah, they were very different movies. Some Velvet Morning was a Neil LaBute movie that we made in Park Slope, Brooklyn over a period of 10 days, it was just Stanley and I, as you know, in a room so were in this house and it was contained and we shot it during the day and it was the summer. Before We Go, we shot at night over 30 days in the New York winter of minus nine so that was a very different experience to Some Velvet Morning. But I... Yeah, when you work it's nice to really be invested and immerse yourself in the peace, and so both of those movies gave me the opportunity to do that.

TMN: Now this is Chris Evans' directorial debut, I believe, and is it weird to act with someone who's directing at the same time so they're running back and forth, behind and in front of the camera all the time?

Alice Eve: Yeah, he had a very experienced cinematographer and they had a plan and a map of how they were gonna make the movie so they knew what they were doing. The thing is about a movie like this is you're all making it together, a little bit like what its called "Guerrilla Filmmaking" you're on the ground and everybody's invested so it all was part of the creative process. It didn't feel like he wasn't present at any point.


(Chris Evans and Alice Eve in Before We Go)

TMN: You feel good about throwing in your own two cents about the character that you're playing?

Alice Eve: Oh, yeah on every film of course, it's my character. It's more than your two cents, you bring your whole person.


TMN: Movies like this, they rely heavy on good dialogue which this film had, it had really good dialogue.

Alice Eve: Yes, Ronald Bass script, he wrote My Best Friend's Wedding and that was a really strong movie, and he was a big writer in the '90s so we were lucky to get that material.

TMN: Were there any scenes in particular that you thought made the movie what it is?

Alice Eve: I liked it when I got down on one knee. I liked up-ending the stereotype. The confession is made as to what's going on, I think, is important in terms of how we handle fidelity, infidelity and how much of a taboo infidelity is, and how we feel like we have to keep it private and all those complications.

TMN: One thing I loved about this film is how the film switched back and forth between the characters in terms of what they were going through.

Alice Eve: Yeah, how it's balanced the drama.

TMN: Since you filmed in New York, what's your favorite part of New York City?

Alice Eve: It's so small, can I say the whole thing?


TMN: Sure.

TMN: It was a great city, right?

Alice Eve: Yeah, it's a little city on a little island, it's like so contained, it's amazing.

TMN: What films did you grew up on?

Alice Eve: I always loved the rom-coms, a romantic comedy. So obviously, I loved When Harry Met Sally, but I also love 2001: A Space Odyssey, a big fan of Kubrick, Apocalypse Now. Those are the movies that really kind of made me think that you could be an artist and be in cinema.

TMN: Can you break us down one or two of what's coming out for you?

Alice Eve: I'm in a movie, Beyond Deceit, coming out, which is a movie I'm proud of that I made with Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins, and that comes out in February. And yeah, I got a couple of others. I've got a good year next year, so I'm looking forward to it.