Spider-Man to go back to high school

February 11th, 2015

Spider-Man will go back to high school in his next film.

The superhero - who was previously played by Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire - will be portrayed by a younger actor in Sony's next take on a film based around the comicbook character, Variety reports.

The studio are said to be considering casting a rising star such as 'The Maze Runner' and 'Teen Wolf' actor Dylan O'Brien or Logan Lerman, who recently starred alongside Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf in 'Fury'.

However, actors have yet to be approached as Sony are also looking to hire a new director to replace Marc Webb - who directed 'The Amazing Spider-Man' films - for the latest movie.

Meanwhile, there are also reports the studio could be set to introduce Miles Morales - a Black Hispanic teenager who takes over as Spider-Man after Peter Parker dies - as the iconic superhero in the next film.

Although Spider-Man has been seen at Midtown High School before, the plan this time around is said to be to see him spend more time in the setting in order to explore his awkward relationship with other students while he fights crime outside of class.

The educational establishment is a major setting in the Marvel comicbooks, with Peter Parker even returning to the school to become a science teacher in storylines.

Sony will have to decide on their next Spider-Man within the coming months as Marvel has announced they will introduce the new actor in 'Captain America: Civil War', which is scheduled for release in 2016, before launching his own solo franchise at Sony in 2017.